Watercoolers and Hydration Solutions For Secure Facilities

Running a secure facility is a job that comes with plenty of challenges and considerations to run effectively and keep your users and staff safe, happy and healthy. One of these considerations is how you keep your staff and patients hydrated, something the team at Choice Refreshments are highly experienced in. For many years, our family-run business has been working with secure facilities to provide solutions that work for all the end-users in your organisation, without compromising on safety or quality.

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Why Do You Need Watercoolers In A Secure Facility?

Watercoolers are vital for all kinds of environments where resources and space are shared - including offices, schools, building sites, community centres and more. However, for many of these locations, there aren’t the same safety concerns and regulations in place as in secure facilities, which is where Choice Refreshments come in!

You need coolers and hydration solutions that are easy and safe to use, don’t need to be refilled or maintained often and can’t be tampered with, broken, or used for anything other than the dispensing of quality refreshments. However, having coolers that can be used by everyone in the facility is important to maintaining the comfort, health, safety and independence of users, while also reducing work for operations teams by reducing distribution needs.

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“Over the last three years, Choice Refreshments have given us excellent service. Our water coolers are maintained or renewed on a regular basis and the company keeps in touch without us feeling pestered. Our Choice water cooler keeps our staff refreshed, saves them money and helps to reduce the impact of unnecessary waste on the environment.”

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Important Considerations For Secure Facilities

The most important consideration for secure facilities when it comes to the use of watercoolers, drinks machines and hot water options is the safety of all users. At Choice Refreshments, we understand how important this is for you and your facility, so we have developed the Shroud - a tamper-proof, virtually indestructible cover for coolers in secure facilities, and any other facilities where staff and users may be at risk.

The Shroud is anti-climb, as surfaces are at a 45-degree angle, and has reduced ligature risk. The anti-tamper measures mean full access is available to the inside of the cooler for maintenance teams without giving access to users or staff not qualified to carry out repairs or maintenance, and it utilises security fixings to fully secure the equipment and prevent any breakage or tampering in the long term. The Shroud is also a cost-effective measure for most facilities as repairs and damage are prevented in the majority of cases due to the durability of the products.

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When you first contact the Choice Refreshments team, we’ll talk you through our products and services before arranging a site visit to ensure we have a strong understanding of your needs. We’ll carry out in-depth surveys of your site, with your hydration needs in mind. We’re highly experienced in creating plans that take into account the health and safety of all users, including optimum placement, preventing slip, trips and falls as far as possible, and carrying out all the necessary steps in order to make sure our coolers are safe and secure.


Once we have carried out the site survey and established exactly what it is your facility needs to meet your needs, we put together an accurate quote for product purchase, installation and/or ongoing servicing of the coolers, depending on the needs of you, your staff and your users. Then, our team of experts can begin the installation process. Our expert team have experience in carrying out installation in a variety of secure environments, so you can feel confident we can make the installation process as quick, safe and simple as possible.

Whether you want to own your coolers and facilities outright, or lease your coolers from our team with maintenance and regular servicing included, we are flexible to the needs of your facility. We understand that every location is different, and that your needs are specific to you. We can easily work around your needs to accommodate your staff and users, and ensure a smooth process every time, whether it’s a quotation, installation, repair or maintenance trip.


We offer the same easy process and variety of options for our products beyond water coolers for secure facilities. For hot drinks machines and water heaters, the process is the same, and the Choice Refreshments team can take care of quoting, installing, maintaining and repairing your hot water facilities alongside your high-volume water coolers, or provide them for your facility to buy outright, depending on your needs.

Why Choose Us?

As a small, family-run business, we’re able to give each and every customer the time and attention they need, both during the installation process and on an ongoing basis, if you choose to lease and maintain your secure coolers with us. When you call Choice Refreshments, you’ll get to speak to a real person with an in-depth understanding of the specific needs of secure facilities, and you won’t ever find yourself sitting on hold for hours at a time. In the unlikely event you need repairs or have issues with your products, our team are flexible and nimble, and can get someone out to your location quickly and efficiently, without disrupting your staff or residents!

To find out more about Choice Refreshments, the options we offer and how we can help your team, or to arrange your site visit with a member of our experienced team, get in touch today!

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